5 exercise trends for Spring

Exercise Trends for Weight and Fitness Goals

Inspiration to refresh your weight and fitness management goals this Spring.

Weight and fitness goals loom high on our personal agendas this time of year! We’ve had a good look at the latest trends on keeping fit outside or at home so there’s no pressure balancing exercise and work. We found five exercise trends that will work for your health and well being this year!

The ancient practice of yoga

Footballers, ballet dancers and endurance drivers do yoga! It’s exercise that has lasted through the centuries and only grown in popularity. The over fifties swear it helps their joints and millennials love the pure intensity of the workouts. You can choose from Hatha, hot yoga, power yoga, Pilates or just download one of the latest yoga apps.

The best part is that yoga is a work out you can do in your bedroom, the lounge, the office, in an elevator or on a beach, in a field or garden. You can decide where and for how long. Yoga is a sure way to enhance your weight and fitness goals throughout the year.

Interval Training (HIIT)

Interval training is great for home exercising plans. This form of exercise consists of short bursts of very high intensity exercise with a rest in between each burst. The whole workout shouldn’t be more than half an hour. There are great apps for this such as the seven minute workout from the App Store on most mobile phones now. You can manage the settings for male or female and the length of each burst of exercise and rest so you’re in control.

Mindfulness and Self care


Mindfulness as an exercise can be practised in any environment. Its all about being aware of your heath and wellness as you move through your day. For example, when seated on a chair work on your core by doing kegel exercises to keep your pelvic area tight and push blood towards your womb or other organs. Tighten your buttocks with your feet placed flat on the floor and hold to strengthen upper thighs and glutes.  It all helps!  Being aware of our body all through the day lets you listen to your body and increase your strength and well being through small actions. It also improves mental health and fitness as your grow more self aware.

Personal trainers

If you, like me, are a little lazy or always feel too busy to try the above, a personal trainer could help. Personal trainers are great at tailor making workouts that suit and fit into your lifestyle. You pay as you go and get to help design your own workouts in terms of where, when and how long they should last.

Group Training Exercise

We see more and more groups of women running in the evening, older groups doing Tai Chi on lawns in parks, groups of men cycling at weekends. Joining a group for exercise is a great way to socialise helping mental health as well physical health. Pull a group of friends together to walk at weekends or join the ramblers. Start a swimming group for Sundays or a yoga group that all help pay for the trainer. Togetherness makes us all stronger and with strength comes well being and happiness too!

Stay active this year

Whatever you decide, stay active this year. Walk the 5000 steps and check on the phone app to check if you did all the steps that day. Do a seven minute workout or meet friends at yoga. You and your body will be more enriched and more able to enjoy a fulfilled approach to life.

Do you have any fitness goals this year? Are you using any of these tactics to achieve them? Let us know all about your journey in the comments!

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