Who are nUurtured?

You be You = uBu = nUurtured

nUurtured is about taking care of you. nUurtured is about having a nurtured body, mind and self. When we are self-nurtured, starting with ourselves, we are better equipped to nurture others. We created nUurtured as a home where we can share information to support a balanced lifestyle both in how we think (our self speak), what we eat, self-care and mindful choices.

Who is Kim?

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I’ve been a lover of the Herbalife products and way of life for over 25years now. I don’t believe it’s entirely ‘in the genes’ – we have choice. When these great products found me, I had just had my second baby and of course she started on the products through my nursing her. My family have enjoyed the benefits of healthy supplemental nutrition since young. The years of experience I have been afforded in the health and wellness industry have had a great impact on my life and in the lives of those I am able to guide and support.

And I am proud that I can still walk on the beach in a bikini. Not that this is my ‘go to’ attire 😉. I’m most proud that I’m ageing well and that I am enjoying a youthfulness in my attitude to ageing, in my late 50s, taking care of my lifestyle choices for the years to come.

Not being a ‘gym bunny’ and generally finding every excuse NOT to go to the gym while being dressed in ‘the gear’ all day, I’ve got crafty: I take my trainers with me ‘just in case’ I get the urge and then walk on the treadmill dressed in daywear! And I am sure I’m not alone 🤣😉. It is reported that walking is excellent exercise and easy in most cases to do: it doesn’t matter if it’s the mall or the promenades, the carpark or a forest road. Being active is part of the lifestyle training I’ve had and one I’d like to pass on to others. I think we’d all like to enjoy longevity and health throughout our lives and I know that Herbalife has helped me get to this stage. I can still touch my toes!


We all have the choice, big or small as to whether we opt to introduce a healthier balance or stick with the ones we’ve developed since childhood. I believe that each of us can make a change for better nutrition at any stage. We live in a world where we’re always on the run, spoon fed thoughts and ideas online and offline – it’s confusing. Plus with the added research of living longer possibly way into our 100s as science is predicting, perhaps we should be more mindful of our choices. Own our Quality of Life. And that’s where nUurtured comes in to streamline and make it easy and simple in a fun and magical way.


Results. Me 1994 & today

My clients have often shared with me that using Herbalife for balanced nutrition has helped them not only to feel at ease that their nutrition intake is taken care of, for both themselves and their family or loved ones; many look for a way to lose or manage weight; many struggle with being underweight or who are looking for a safe sports nutrition supplement range free of banned substances. The product line and the support has helped them to stop stressing about whether they’re getting the right amount of balanced nutrition. Takes the guess-work out of battling with label-reading and meal-planning.

nUurtured is all about health and weight management, balanced nutrition and living well.

Feel safe in the knowledge

Herbalife products have been around for decades and have passed all sales and manufacturing requirements needed in many different countries. The products are tried and trusted and the results speak for themselves. If you’d like to join the millions of us who believe in a better future through better nutrition, please pop along to our main product line of either the meal supplement/replacement shakes or our ‘magic energy’ herbal beverage and read up to get you started on a wonderful, simple way of life. If you get lost, we are here to help just login and chat with me.

With love,

Kim 💋

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