The Kim Murray-Eedes Story

About Kim Murray Eedes

My story is like yours. I’m a real woman with real issues and with real, genuine people around me.

I’ve created because I believe we all need to care for ourselves more. There’s very little time in a day to spoil ourselves and yet we deserve it. I have been lucky to live a life where I can and I wanted to share this with you.

At 56 I’m a grandmother, a mother and a good friend and I believe that all of us reaching mid-life can live a healthier, active life.

My career in wellness and longevity started when I had just had my second baby. I’d gained an unreasonable amount of weight during the pregnancy however I was focused on my baby’s and my family’s health and not mine so much. So a friend who also became a business colleague suggested I consider the extra energy good nutrition would give me with running around two small children. Immediately I felt that extra energy in the Herbalife for nutritional balance. I’ve always been ‘on the run’ starting early in my career in banking to being a young, vibrant air hostess then owning my own startup businesses in marketing and management. And I don’t know about you, breakfast has not been my favorite meal of the day. So I appreciated the support of a quick breakfast with nourishment and supplements to help me maintain my body weight, shape and vitality. No matter whether I’m travelling (easy to mix in the hotels) or rushing to a meeting or just having a weekend relax and blending a delicious recipe of a smoothie bowl midmorning.

Children (I have a boy and girl) came along in my early thirties and my body and lifestyle changed. It changed again in my forties and now, in my fifties I have known what it is to feel that sudden little ache in my bones as I come downstairs in the morning, often due to carrying just that little extra weight too much for our body. I gained a fair amount of weight in my early fifties ballooning from a size 10 to a 14! I’d met a man (having been divorced earlier) and we enjoyed travelling and gastronomic away days. It hit me at that time that I just didn’t feel like me anymore. I was happy, and I was heading towards looking like a Telly Tubby.

It wasn’t just about weight. It was more about my health and wellness. My agility seemed impaired and I could sense a change in my skin elasticity and hair volume. AND … my first grandchild was on the way! Being an active, young thinking Glamourous Gran refocused my goals: I was determined to do something about it.

Often we need to just change things up a bit, find a new purpose and new ‘why’ and that’s what I did by refocusing my attitude to my body, self care and maintaining my relevancy in my mantra that AGE IS AN ATTIUDE.

I’m the one in the red shirt!

Herbalife again, with the wide range of products and their ethos to building wellness and longevity was and is instrumental in getting my body, mind and the inner me back on track!

My passion is helping others. Both in business networking and in wellness. And I’ve found that the passion and focus we have for things we love doing, like supporting people through health and receiving their feedback of “I got my life back”; “I’m able to fit into an outfit kept for ‘just incase one day’ ”; “my doctor is astounded at my improved health”; “I beat my marathon time thanks to being able to recover better during training” feeds my energy to do more. For me, life is about having the energy and inclination which is why I never miss my go-to magic energy beverage at least 3 times a day!

Herbalife is a lifestyle I ascribe to and believe in.

Please have a look at my online material, social media and get in touch.

I’m available as a wellness lifestyle coach in maintaining longevity, aging well even from our twenties or simply to help you build your programme for weight management.

Let me know what you need.

The 50’s can be fabulous!

Thank you for reading my story.

with love