You know it’s a tough one trying to put ON WEIGHT and not fat. And others around think how lucky you are to almost be able to eat anything. But nothing works and you are not aiming to compromise your health getting curves or pecs or just adding a few pounds (kilos).

Many believe that protein bulks up, causes muscles and that puffy man look. And that protein builds muscle : exercise with weights builds muscles, protein feeds us.
So it’s all about balanced nutrition and the correct mix of ingredients and a good supplement.

Protein is made up of amino acids, the building blocks of the body. A bit of science: there are 21 amino acids making up protein where 9 are essential and 12 are non-essential. The proteins we choose have all 9 essential aminos!
So we can help you build and maintain increased body weight in a lean, healthy form of muscle not fat.

And all it really takes is ADDING a Shake after each meal and there you are.

Why after? Because out meal Shakes are just that, an extra meal or instead of a meal so they are there to satisfy.

Browse our nU plans below and pick something that best suits your needs. If you need any assistance on how you can create the perfect meal plan, be sure to get in contact with us.

Energy / Endurance

My Gym Buddy

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Gain Weight

ShapeUp with PRO20

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Healthy Breakfast

Ultimate Muscle Up

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